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Love Jesus. Love Tech.

When the love of Jesus and a passion for tech collide, exciting things happen. Things that may just impact the Kingdom, things like Kingdom Code!

Kingdom Code is a community of people who love Jesus and love tech. We’re creatives, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, ideators and innovators. We gather often to encourage, inspire and spark serendipity. So, whether you crunch data, grapple with code, place every pixel or love casting vision, there’s a place for you to come, learn, grow, make friends, network and have fun.

Throughout 2020 we've been a bit quiet, encouraging people with tech skills to really focus on serving your local churches with the tech skills that God has given you. As we come out of lockdown, these skillsets are going to be vital as we move to a hybrid model too.

But, we're brushing off the dust that has settled in the past 12 months, and preparing to relaunch in Autumn 2021 with the return on BUILD, and a few changes to how we gather and support one anoother as a community of Christians in the world of technology and innovation. Subscribe to the Kingdom Code Newsletter to hear as we relaunch.

Second Edition of From The Garden to the City in the works

On his Twitter feed this week John Dyer teased a update to his influential book looking at technology from a Christian perspective.

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