Have you noticed that we’re producing more data than ever before? There are things like FitBit, which generate data at a personal level. Datasets created by analytic tracking tools, built into our apps and websites shouldn’t overlooked. But there are also the huge datasets that are produced everyday… In just 24 hours places like the MetOffice produce about 12Tb of data. CERN even more!

While not all of the MetOffice data is in the public domain, there is an increasingly large set of data available for free. Just skim through data.gov.uk and you’ll see everything from business to traffic data, crime data to health data. The list seems endless!

While we may be rich in data, how easy is it to turn those datasets into meaningful information? Having the CSV, JSON or SPARQL endpoints are great… but what does it mean? How is it useful? How does having that data change how we act or live?

The theme this year at Code for the Kingdom London is Transforming Lives. How could a group of Christians start visualising datasets to help the church transform lives?

What could we build to start making use of that data? What could we do with it? How could we visualise this data to bring awareness to need in society? To help a church know where to plant next? To help Christians serve their local communities better? To transform lives?

Code for the Kingdom London is taking place on Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd October 2016.

James Doc

James Doc

James lives in London, writes code, designs things, and drinks tea.

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