I know what you are thinking… it’s been a while since you heard from Kingdom Code. Sorry. We’re coming out of hibernation now, and we’ve got some exciting things coming up over the next year.

More about that in future emails. What you need to know now is that our next meetup is happening on Monday 20th March. We’re going to have an evening of talking and thinking about how the Christian faith and worldview fits and challenges the world of tech startup and entrepreneuring.

The world of tech startups can be all consuming. We’ve all heard stories of people working crazy hours to make the product launch. Perhaps that’s the environment that you are working in at the moment… But does it have to be that way? We’re going to be thinking about the startup lifestyle, the pressure and deadlines, the identity that is formed there and asking how the Christian worldview speaks into it.

Paul Johnston, chief technology officer for Movivo and founder of Roundabout Labs will be sharing some of his experience. There will be some round-table discussion time and a chance for Q&A with Paul and a few others.


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Just in case you’re wondering – this event isn’t just for those who are working in startups. There is so much to think through and explore as we think about the wider technology sector.

James Doc

James Doc

James lives in London, writes code, designs things, and drinks tea.

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