One of the aims for Kingdom Code is to help Christians in the world of technology see how their skillset can be used for God’s Kingdom. BUILD, our annual hackathon, is a really important part of that.

To focus how we use the weekend we invite a pair of Christian organisations to set challenges for the BUILD weekend. This year, our first partner will be Bible Society.

They have been working since the early 1800s to help people engage with the Bible and to see its relevance to their lives. In the UK the Bible is readily available both in paper and digitally, but has lost its significance in society with fewer people recognising its value.

The challenge Bible Society are setting for BUILD 18 is:

Challenge #1:
How can digital tools help increase appetite for and engagement with the Bible in the 21st century?

We asked Matt Cooper, Head of Digital and Technology at Bible Society to explain the challenge further:

In the UK, it’s pretty easy to get your hands on a Bible — there are no accessibility problems unlike some places in the world. But many of us don’t know where to start with it or how to build reading and devotional time into our busy lives. And yet the Bible has so much to give. In a time when digital devices play a huge role in our lives, how can we leverage the skills we have as developers, designers and creatives to help people experience the power of the Bible? What could we build to help increase engagement with the Bible and a real appetite for scripture? We’re already working hard to do this in the digital space but with your help, expertise and creative minds we can do even more! So if you’ve got some great ideas or skills which could help make a difference, please join us at BUILD!

Matt Cooper, Head of Digital and Technology, Bible Society

Has that got you thinking? On Friday 19th – Saturday 20th October we’ll be spending the weekend forming teams, developing different ideas and building prototypes. Whatever your involvement in the world of tech – from novice programmer through to expert project manager, designer or database administrator – it’s open to all levels of skill and experience. Book your place, come along, get involved, learn and work together.

Bible Society joins the growing number of Christian agencies that Kingdom Code has been privileged to work with over the last four years including Christians Against Poverty, The Church of England and Tearfund. Kingdom Code BUILD is taking place on Friday 19th – Saturday 20th October 2018. Tickets are on sale now.

To hear more about Bible Society and start working on project ideas with others in the Kingdom Code community, we’ll be hosting an ideation evening on Monday 10th September. Both of our partners will be talking more about their work, explaining why they are setting their challenge and then we’ll start to develop ideas to bring to the hackathon.

James Doc

James Doc

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