Kingdom Code BUILD is a great opportunity to kick off that passion project that you’ve had in the back of your mind for a while, or to start coding the idea that came up over a drink at a Kingdom Code meetup. It’s also an opportunity to come alongside a mission agency who are working to practice the gospel and are seeking to use digital tools to serve them as they do so.

Last month we announced Bible Society as our first partner for BUILD. Today we’re announcing that we will also be joined by Stewardship at Kingdom Code BUILD on 19–20 October 2018.

You may recognise the name Stewardship from the 40acts project which runs over Lent each year– 40 days, 40 challenges to encourage personal generosity. You may already use a Stewardship Giving Account to handle your financial giving. That’s what Stewardship is about: to help Christians live out that reminder from Paul at the end of Acts: “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

This year the challenge Stewardship are setting BUILD:

Challenge #2
How can we use technology to inspire and enable greater generosity in the Christian community?

Daniel Jones from Stewardship explains the challenge:

As Christians, we have generosity in our DNA. We get it from our heavenly Father, who generously gave us His Son. When we live out that DNA we bless others and resource God’s Kingdom. Love in action displays our God to a sceptical world in a disarming way. When we give, we are blessed. It is, after all, more blessed to give than to receive.
At Stewardship we have big ambitions to use technology to create a step change in Christian giving into the future and we’re asking these questions… How can we make it easier for people to give to causes that really matter? How can we harness social platforms and new payment methods? What can we do to help givers experience the joy of giving? How do we build community around giving, connecting those who give to those who receive?
We see great opportunities for Christians to express their generosity through digital means. There is every likelihood that you will see more – and better – opportunities. Your knowledge and ideas could help shape our digital roadmap and realise those opportunities.

Daniel Jones, Head of Business Development, Stewardship

Come with your ideas, join a team, prototype something new at BUILD. On Friday 19th – Saturday 20th October we’ll be using that weekend to develop new projects to encourage generosity with Stewardship and increasing appetite for Bible engagement with Bible Society. Whatever your involvement in the world of tech – from novice programmer through to expert project manager, designer or database administrator – it’s open to all levels of skill and experience.

Book your place, come along, get involved, learn and work together.

Stewardship and Bible Society joins the growing number of Christian agencies that Kingdom Code has been privileged to work with over the last four years including Christians Against Poverty, The Church of England and Tearfund. Kingdom Code BUILD is taking place on Friday 19th – Saturday 20th October 2018. Tickets are on sale now.

To hear more about Stewardship and start working on project ideas with others in the Kingdom Code community, we’ll be hosting an ideation evening on Monday 10th September. Both of our partners will be talking more about their work, explaining why they are setting their challenge and then we’ll start to develop ideas to bring to the hackathon.

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Inspiring and enabling greater generosity…

Thu, 23 August 2018

Kingdom Code BUILD is a great opportunity to kick off that passion project that you’ve had in the back of your mind for a while, or to start coding the idea that came up over a drink at a Kingdom Code meetup…

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