At Kingdom Code we want to explore how the technical skillsets that God has given us can be used for His glory and serve His church. BUILD, our annual hackathon, is one method to practically explore this as a community. Each October we gather for 24 hours, setting up shop, exploring a couple of different challenges. Today we’re announcing the two challenges for the 2019 hackathon!

Amy and Sam introduce BUILD

Challenge #1:
How can we equip Christians to use the Bible more in evangelism?

The words of Jesus to his disciples at the end of Matthew’s gospel is a clear commission: Go! Make more disciples! As a gathering of Christians, this is something that we can all unite around; part of our calling is to share the gospel message; “repent, for the Kingdom of God is near” (Matt 4v17).

God’s word is vital for this task; we’re given everything that we need in the Bible to share our faith, who God is, what he has done, and our response. But, so often, we can feel scared to share it, not confident what to say or even which passage to go to when speaking about Jesus. This challenge is about putting God’s word front and centre in our evangelism toolbox. How might we train, resource and equip individuals and groups to reach to God’s word first when talking about their faith?

Challenge #2:
How might we resource your local church to serve and include the poor?

In Acts 6 we see the early church work hard to serve the poor and those in need in their local community. They appointed leaders who were full of faith and God’s Spirit so that no one was missed. Today, churches host debt centres, food banks, and work with local homeless shelters, but 2000 years since the early church set up, there are still significant challenges for serving and including the poor through our local churches.

We want to explore more of how technology can be leveraged to help the local church better meet these needs. How can we assist the church to meet the practical and spiritual needs? How can we resource the church to welcome those in need into our church communities?

In September we’ll be hosting two Design Sprints to help us think more about these challenges. We’ll be taking Google Ventures Design Sprint methodology and condensing five days into two hours as we dig into the challenges together and explore potential solutions. We’ll be hosting on in London on 9th September and one in Leeds on 26th September.

Kingdom Code BUILD is taking place on 11-12 October 2019. Join designers, developers, product managers and more as we practically explore how our faith in Jesus Christs meets the skillset that he has given us.

Friday 11 - Saturday 12 October 2019

Kingdom Code BUILD brings together Christians in the world of tech from across Europe to practically explore our how faith in Jesus connects with our technical skills.

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BUILD is one of our regular events where we practically explore how our skillsets can be used for God's glory. Today we're announcing the challenges for this year's hackathon…

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