It seems a long time since I wrote the blog post on Monday about serving the church during coronavirus, let me encourage you again; please get in touch with your church leaders and see how you can support them in this time. Kingdom Code has been contributing to the Digital Tools for churches during the Coronavirus. It's full of resources and how-to guides to get your church up and running digitally.

Our friends over at Faithtech have this beautiful line; "in the midst of devastation there is an opportunity for innovation". As Christian technologists we're equipped to innovate, to serve, to design and build tools together that helps the Church do what she does best: bringing faith, hope and love to the world around us. As a result we're inviting you to join with a global hackathon of Christians in tech to innovate towards just that.

I'll let James Kelly from Faithtech introduce it:

How might we serve the body of Christ in this time? We were due to have in-person gatherings in London and Leeds over the next few weeks, some of those gatherings were to be microBUILD. Please join us here instead.

Covid-19 Global Church Hackathon

James Doc

James Doc

James lives in London, writes code, designs things and drinks tea.

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