Tomorrow night BUILD kicks off, bringing people like yourself from across the country to worship God using the tech skills that He has given us on some incredible digital projects. If you are coming, or if you can’t make it, we’d love for you to join us in prayer. Here are three things you could pray for this weekend:

Pray for a safe event.

As I write this email I’ve just received a message from someone letting me know that they can’t come because they just received a positive covid test. We’re taking precautions, but we’re still seeing the effects of the last 18 months. Please pray that this event is safe; that people remains healthy in the run up, during, and after the event.

Pray for a worshipping community.

One of the real joys for me in BUILD is seeing a group of people, who often have never met before, come together as a community of brothers and sisters in Christ. Please pray with us that this year will be more of the same - an opportunity to worship God together, to encourage one another, to spur each other on in our faith, and that the groundwork for deep friendships are built.

Pray for the long term impact of the projects.

We’ve switched things up this year and have invited specific projects to come that we think can have a lasting impact well after the hackathon. Please pray that the work put in this weekend really serves these projects long after the hackathon ends.

BUILD happens as part of a global event hosted by Indigitous. We’re just one country, participating in hackathon of 60 different countries, all with the ambition to make an impact and take the gospel where it needs to go. Please pray not just for the projects here in the UK, but globally. There is so much potential!

Thank you for your prayers!

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Three things you can pray for BUILD 2021

Fri, 15 October 2021

BUILD kicks off tonight, we'd love for you to support us in prayer over the weekend…

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