Next month, 14-15 October, we will be running our seventh Kingdom Code BUILD event. The hackathon brings together Christian technologists and innovators from across the UK and beyond for a weekend of worshipping God with the skills and tools that he has gifted us with.

Imagine the impact a room full of designers, developers, PMs, and innovators could have as we take time out of our day jobs to apply technology solutions to some of the challenges facing our local churches, communities, or ministries.

Each year we invite various Christian ministries in to give focus to our time. It’s a privilege to get to bring our skills to bear on the projects that they bring, to help them move forwards. How might your unique skillset be used to serve some of these projects for these fantastic organisations? Here are three examples…

Election Website - CARE

CARE is a ministry which helps Christians engage with today’s political topics, and they want to get ready for the next General Election. They want to create the very best, interactive resource for Christians ahead of the next General Election to inspire, inform and equip them to show up, vote and engage effectively. They would love help from people with design skills, or some coding help to ensure the voting record database and interactive map work effectively.

Bible Trainer Audio

The existing Bible Trainer mobile app, started at BUILD 2019, helps users to memorise scripture. Building on this, they would love to develop a conversation based version allowing users to read out the passage and get feedback from the application to correct their mistakes. Perhaps you have some relevant skills that can help them?

PrayerMate Web Client - Discipleship Tech

Lots of people find the PrayerMate mobile app helpful in being consistent in prayer, but many of them would find it helpful to be able to manage their prayer lists on a desktop computer with a full-sized keyboard and screen. Discipleship Tech would love to prototype a web-based client that can talk to the Firebase Real-Time Database backend. This might involve adapting their Flutter front-end to the web, or an alternative framework such as React.js.

This is just a little taste of some of the projects that we’ll be working on at BUILD ‘22. We’re excited to be joined by other projects and ministries such as Compassion, Christians Against Poverty, Go Chatter Media, and more. Whatever your skill set, there will be something that you can uniquely contribute, and we hope to see you there.

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How can your tech skills be used to serve the gospel at BUILD ‘22?

Sat, 17 September 2022

From helping people think about how they vote, through to memorising scripture, or engaging people with child education and sponsorship programs, there are so many different ways your technical skill set can have Kingdom impact this year at BUILD. Andy explains more…

Andy Geers

Andy Geers

Andy to cofounder of Kingdom Code, creator PrayerMate, and CEO of DiscipleshipTech.

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