It's been over two years since the last Kingdom Code meetup and it's great to be back! Whether you have recently heard about Kingdom Code, or were a regular member in the before times… Join the community of Christian technologists and innovators as we jump into the conversation of how our Christian faith and our technological skillset intersect.

Over the last two years our technology has touched and changed so much of our daily lives. The change has affected everything from how we work, through to how our churches gather. As technologists, we've influenced or directed that application. Some of us have been building the tech, some have been applying it in our work or church, others have given feedback on the results.

Tonight we'll be restarting a conversation around how we apply our Christian worldview to technology. Part of the evening will be opening the Bible and hearing from God's word to help us start to form a Biblical framework for technology. Part of the evening will be a discussion talking in broad sense, and narrowing in on our application of tech in the workplace, church, and home.

You may have been working in a digital team for years, or you might be only beginning to think about tech; our hope is that this group of people will grow in friendship, support, and prayer as we make time to spend together and to think together.

Something to think about before the event… We all have a different relationship with technology… What’s your experience with technology as a Christian? How do you think your view differs from others around you for example in your work or in your church?

Many thanks to London City Mission for hosting us.

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