Each BUILD hackathon is an opportunity for us to practically serve, support and help a Christian organisation utilise technology in their ministry. These ministries share with us the area that God has called them to serve in, and the Kingdom Code community brings the tech-based skillsets that God has given us. Over the last few years as a community of technologists we’ve had the privilege of working with ministries like Home for Good, Bible Society, Tearfund and Stewardship, to name just a few.

A few weeks ago we shared with you the challenges for BUILD. They are not random ideas we’ve come up with, but instead they are closely tied with the partners we work with each year in the hackathon. The challenges bring in the vision, the values and the mission that each group has been called to. This year at BUILD is no different, we’re excited to announce that at BUILD 2019 we’ll be joined by Christians Against Poverty (CAP) and Christianity Explored Ministries.

We’ve asked Jubi from Christianity Explored Ministries and Scott from CAP to explain more about each challenge and why they are so important:

Christianity Explored Ministries:
How can we equip Christians to use the Bible more in evangelism?

As Christians, we know the Bible is much more than just the book we read on Sundays. Scripture is the very breath of God for all humankind, and the gospel is the power of God to open blind eyes to see salvation in Jesus. In other words, the Bible is alive --to believers and unbelievers alike. This is why we are convinced the best way to share the news about Jesus is by opening the pages of the Bible together. At Christianity Explored Ministries, we then create resources to help people do that --resources like Life Explored.

As we now consider evangelism going forward, can technology help Christians use the Bible in evangelism? Scripture is already widely available online, but can technology now help Christians read it with unbelievers? Can technology also help Christians become more equipped and confident to do that? Can it even help Christians be bold in inviting people to see the Bible together? We believe it can. And if we can see opportunities for Bible-based evangelism through technology, we are most certain (and grateful) that you will be able to see and design so much more for the sake of the Gospel. And we are looking forward to meeting you soon!

Christians Against Poverty:
How might we resource your local church to serve and include the poor?

There are 1.5million people living in destitution in the UK and many millions in poverty. Often this hardship is the kind you don’t see - it’s people surviving long periods without putting any gas or electricity in the meter, or it’s a mum going without food so her children can eat. UK poverty can be a private, relentless struggle where there’s just never enough. Our experiences show that these impossible choices have to be made when people are least able to function well, the times when the relationship has broken down, there’s a bereavement or they’ve lost their job. It can be very lonely.

The unique benefit of working through the church is that we have the endless resource of grace and compassion that God provides. His church is a powerhouse of revolutionary kindness, a place which says Jesus made us welcome and he welcomes you just the same. You’re invited - come as you are! Hope stops being about wishing things were different, it starts being about a transforming love that changes someone from the inside and shows them they have a part to play as a valued member of the whole. It also looks to the practical issues - can we help you budget better? Can we get you a lift to that hospital appointment? Can we introduce you to someone who knows how to make healthy meals when money is tight?

So, what technology-based solutions can you dream up to help us in our mission? We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

How does this challenge you? Kingdom Code BUILD is happening on 11–12 October 2019 in London. We’ll be bringing together technologists from across the UK and beyond to explore these two challenges, to think, to design, to explore and to build in a Christian community of technologists. You can book your place today.

Friday 11 - Saturday 12 October 2019

Kingdom Code BUILD brings together Christians in the world of tech from across Europe to practically explore our how faith in Jesus connects with our technical skills.

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Thu, 22 August 2019

Each BUILD hackathon is an opportunity for us to practically serve a Christian ministry use tech well. A few weeks ago we shared with you the challenges for BUILD. Today, we're excited to announce that at BUILD 2019 we’ll be joined by…

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