Ahead of the upcoming Global Missional AI Summit I’ve been doing my reading… In this month’s reading list you’ll find a couple of articles that have stood out as I’ve been reading up on AI and Christianity, a BUILD projects to help show how the Bible can be relevant to the tech world, and news of a Kingdom Code project that has been running quietly behind the scenes, but has massive impact in a closed country.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: An Evangelical Statement of Principles

Last year the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, part of the Southern Baptist Convention, wrote a set of principles designed to equip the church and practitioners to think through a number of questions brought up by AI: “We desire to equip the church to proactively engage the field of AI…”. It’s a simple document made up of 12 (short) articles.

Read on the ERLC site (11 min read)

An Assessment of an Evangelical Framework for Artificial Intelligence

Nine months after the publication of Artificial Intelligence: An Evangelical Statement of Principles on of the co-authors, Jason Thacker, wrote a shorter piece reflecting on the reception of the document, responding to some of the feedback that it received; “[people have asked to] talk about how their faith applies to their work in AI, VR, and countless other technologies. They tell us that the document has stirred conversations on their teams and caused them to think critically about how they design and deploy these powerful tools.”

Read on AI and Faith (5 min read)

Do our bodies really matter in this technological age?

Another conversation that is running in parallel to the discussion on AI, is the topic of transhumanism. On Jason’s blog he begins to unpack some of the points that we need to begin to think about, describing some of them as “old questions with a new twist”. This post is really helpful in getting us started thinking about how our Christian faith responds to some of the questions brought up by transhumanism.

Read on Jason’s blog (6 min read)

Project news

It Isn’t Just About Tech…

“The hardest thing is sticking with a project for a few years; continuing to update, add to it, and make sure it is still doing what you set out to do.” Earlier this month we published a post written from one of the developers who came to Build 2016, sharing the impact of the project they kicked off then…

Read on the Kingdom Code blog (3 min read)

Bible Stories for Software Developers

At BUILD 2019, Matt Lacey had us all laughing in his final presentations as he read back some of the things he had been working on; presenting well known Bible passages in pseudocode. His aim is to “show how the Bible can be relevant and speak to software developers. Hopefully, it’ll also help you think about these bible stories differently and how they may apply to modern life.”

Read Bible Stories for Software Developers

Bible Reading Plan Generator

Right at the beginning of this year John Dyer, author of the excellent book From the Garden to the City relaunched his Bible Reading Plan Generator, a simple tool to create a Bible reading plan for any given number of days.

Read on John’s blog; Don’t Eat The Fruit (2 min read)

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January Reading List

Fri, 24 January 2020

Ahead of the Global Missional AI summit we've got some primers to help you think about tech and AI, as well as people exploring how to show the relevance of the Bible to those working in tech, and think through questions raised by transhumanism…

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