From articles on the Financial Times about religion and technology, through to another Kingdom Code BUILD project going live, the reading list this month is full of great posts to get stuck into. Each month we’re trying to dig out some of the best blog posts and news articles exploring the intersection of Christianity and technology.

Religions show faith in power of technology

The Vatican is praying that this year’s must-have Christmas gadget will not be an Apple Watch or Kindle, but rather its eRosary device.” In this article on the FT website Eoin McSweeney digs into how different religions are using technology in different aspects of faith.

Read on the Financial Times (8 min read)

The Digital Revolution Reformation

The Gospel Coalition calls itself as an “internet-based ministry”. In this blog post they explore some of the challenges that doing ministry in a digital space presents, but also three opportunites that they see growing.

Read on The Gospel Coalition (12 min read)

Faith and Work

Recently Peter Wilkinson launched the Faith in Freelancers site. Over on his blog he explores some of the ways in which he works to make God the centre of his working life as a freelance Wordpress dev rather than just something on the side.

Read on Faith in Freelancers Blog (9 minute read)

Kingdom Code News

Missional Work Through a Hackathon

BUILD happens as part of a world wide gathering of Christian technologists co-ordinated by Indigitous. As part of the hackathons happening in October there were ‘approximately 1,100 technologists, developers, designers, and mission workers in 37 cities and 26 nations around the world…’ That’s huge! Read the blog post Indigitous pubished that shows some of the projects that were built in other hackathon sites taking part this year.

Read on Indigitous (6 min read)

Malaria Challenge Bot

Some projects worked on at BUILD launch straight after the hackathon… others take a little bit more time to mature! The Malaria Challenge Chatbot was a project that was worked on in BUILD 2018, and shipped yesterday! In a very short blog post, Phil shows the chatbot. (There is a much longer read with more of the background to the project on his blog too).

Read on Phil’s blog (1 min read)

Missional AI

Earlier this month James spoke with Daniel Whitenack who is one of the organisers behind the upcoming Global Missional AI summit happening in Thailand in March 2020. In the blog post Daniel explains why a summit about AI and Global Mission needs to happen, and why you should consider going.

Read on the Kingdom Code blog (5 min read)

Technology Will Save Us

Across the UK British Telecom has put up giant billboards with the slogan Technology Will Save Us. Ed takes a deeper look at what that line implies, and gives us some questions to think about as Christians working in the tech world.

Read on the Kingdom Code blog (3 min read)

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December Reading List

Fri, 20 December 2019

Each month we digging out some of the best blog posts exploring the intersection of Christianity and technology. This month we've go an article from Financial Times about religion and technology, through to another BUILD project going live…

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