There is an increasing number of blog posts and articles that are being written with a Christian perspective on technology. Here are four that have caught our eye this November…


Ahead of the 2019 election Christian Action, Research and Education (CARE) have put together EngaGE19; a site to help us go to the polls next month being politically informed on some of the policies issues. One of the blog posts that caught my eye was ‘Is that really a general election issue?’. In the post Matt James, CARE’s Bioethics Consultant, looks at AI and robotics and argues that it is "among one of the important topics parliamentary candidates ought to be facing up to."

Read on EngaGE 19 (4 min read)

Kingdom Code Projects


Robin came along to microBUILD in London back in January with an idea to help Foodbanks get the right things on their shelves when they need it. Over summer this year he launched version one of Bankuet, and he and a team were at BUILD this year working on the next version of the system. The Church Times did an interview with him recently introducing the project, he also says very nice things about Kingdom Code too!

Read on The Church Times (3 min read)

Go Chatter

After BUILD 2018, Dan and Mike launched Go Chatter Custom Videos, we interviewed Dan in the run up to the hackathon this year. They were back at BUILD this year making changes to their website, and now ahead of Christmas they have built a tool to ‘promote Christmas services without the hassle’. On the Premier Digital blog there is an article introducing how it works. Their project also won a Premier Digital award last year.

Read on Premier Digital (2 min read)


Earlier this month Christianity Today ran an interesting piece entitled ‘Cyborg Church: One Body, Many People’. In it Brad D. Strawn and Warren S. Brown, psychology professors in the US, explore how technology becomes a natural extension of the body, for example: “brain scans reveal that when an experienced carpenter uses a hammer, the brain maps the end of the hammer as if it is the end of the hand.” They then take these examples and apply the idea to the church in the forms of gathering, prayer, liturgy, and theology.

Read on Christianity Today (9 minute read)

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