We're a little late in publishing the March reading list, but inside you'll find several great resources to help you think through some of the topics that have come up during coronavirus, and to help you serve your church and local community.

What Happens When Church goes Online?

Kingdom Code speaker, vicar, and digital theology student, Rev Jimmy Lawrence has produced a helpful primer using the research of Marshall McLuhan to help think through what might happen to the church as so much of our typical activity goes online.

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Digital Communion: History, Theology, and Practices

A long debated topic within digital theology has been 'is it possible to share communion online?' John Dyer, author of From the Garden to the City, tackles this question looking at lots different church traditions, including a really helpful list of arguements for and against digital communion.

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Thinking Biblically About Privacy in a World Rules by AI

In the last three weeks I've felt a lot of tension around should I churches using Zoom or not with all the discussion around their privacy issues. Jason Thacker takes a step back from Zoom starts to explore how we think with the Bible as our lens when we think about privacy and AI

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Covid-19: Digital Tools for Church

Over the last couple of weeks we've been contributing to the list of resources being collected in the Digital Tools for Churches during the Coronavirus handbook. If you know of a church leader who has questions about a specific area of technology that they are needing to learn this month, the handbook is a great thing to point them too.

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Enjoyed this list? Look back at the list from February 2020.

Spotted something that you think should make the list next month? Send us a tweet and let us know: @kcodeuk.

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