Each month we pull out some of the highlights of articles written about Christianity and technology across the web. This month we're featuring an article from Wired.com about how a church in Cincinnati is working with tech entreprenuers, an interview with Facebook's head of faith-based partnerships and more…

Church Through the Lens of Technology

Earlier this month in London, Kingdom Code was joined by church history lecturer, Dr Tom Breimaier, to help us to explore how technology is on display in history of the church. The talk was recorded and you can watch it back now:

Watch here

Deliver Us, Lord, From the Startup Life

Wired ran an article exploring how Christian entreprenuers and churches are coming together in the America. The article highlights church projects like Crossroads, Cincinnati's Ocean Accelerator program, and our friends at Faithtech Chicago get a shout out too! It's a long read, but worth the time.

Read now on Wired.com (25 min read)

Sleepless AI

Recently James was invited to take part in a roundtable discussion with a number of church leaders, academics, and practitioners in the AI space and was asked to think about 'what keeps you awake at night thinking about AI and the church?' In his blog post James ignores terminator illustrations (mostly), and instead talks about horses with three sides to fall off…

Read now (6 min read)

A Digital Garden

Earlier this month Joe Gallant shared on the Kingdom Code blog the current state and need of his BUILD 2018 project 'Bible Garden'. He writes "As we seek to move closer to a first release, please also pray that we would be wise with how we spend our time. It’s a balancing act between how much we give to this project in amongst our other commitments.".

Read on the Kingdom Code blog (4 min read)

Interview with Nona Jones, Facebook's head of faith-based partnerships

Christianity Mag published an interview with Nona Jones, Facebook's head of faith-based partnerships. In it she talks about her own personal journey of faith, her role at Facebook, and what that looks like engaging with the church.

Read on the Christianity Magazine website (12 min read)

Raising Children in a Digital Age

Six years ago Dr. Bex Lewis wrote the book 'Raising Children in a Digital Age' (Find out more), the second edition is being researched and written now, and whether you are a parent, a youth leader, or someone else with a concern for online safety for young people she would value your feedback:

Find out more (15 min set of questions)

Christians in Science Northern Conference

While not technically an article to read… on Saturday 2nd May, Christians in Science are hosting a conference on digital theology and the church just outside of Manchester.

Find out more

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