Poverty Unmasked

Christians Against Poverty’s mission is to end UK poverty together; they work with churches across the UK to transform lives, taking action to bring individuals and families out of debt and poverty.

At BUILD 2023 CAP are looking to put some useful and practical information in people’s hands so they can understand what poverty looks like at a local level. For churches, this helps them to understand the needs of their community, and what they can help meet. For individuals, it might highlight an area which they’re already passionate about, or it could help them to advocate and campaign for systemic change (or nudge their church leaders to do something!).

To do this, the project will be pulling in various open data sources, as well as some specifically that CAP has access to, to paint a picture of what’s going on in our country. From this, we would like to create an interactive tool to sit on CAP’s website that people can use. It needs make data interesting and accessible for people who probably won’t spend all of their time looking at large data sets or complex data visualisations.

Alongside that, if there’s anyone very passionate about taking a bunch of data and doing some analysis, just to see what the data is saying, we would love to facilitate you!

How could you use data to tell a story of poverty in the UK so that the local church can take action?

All BUILD 2023 projects…

Speak Life: 321 Course

How can we bring participants of an online evangelistic course into in-person conversations and discipleship relationships?

  • user experience
  • design

Stewardship: Cause Cross Categorisation

Create an API that automatically categorises charities to support giving.

  • development
  • api building
  • ai
  • llm

500k churches: Cross-Tool Data Integration

A start-up ministry has data stored in multiple different silos, how might we support them to have a better understanding of their operations, identify trends, and make better decisions.

  • data analysis
  • sql
  • integrations


Help build a community tool for church members to ask questions about their faith.

  • typescript
  • react native
  • firebase
  • design

Scripture Union: Online Grow Communities

How might create a hybrid space for young people to grow in their faith?

  • design
  • ux
  • church worker
  • copy editor

Safe Families UK: Online Matching Tool

Improve an existing tool to help find local church volunteers build relationship and connections with lonely families.

  • php
  • mariadb
  • javascript
  • designer

Church Mission Society: Pioneer Community Platform

Can you help CMS build a skill sharing platform for a network of ministry pioneers?

  • web development
  • design

Bible Society: Plugging in Bible Passages to Common Software

Copy and pasting the Bible is full of formatting issues; how can we make it a smooth user experience?

  • design
  • ux
  • development
  • copy editor

Christians Against Poverty: Poverty Unmasked

Put useful and practical information into the hands of the church so they can understand what poverty looks like in their area.

  • open data
  • data analysis
  • design

Discipleship Tech: PrayerMate ReSync

Support the PrayerMate team rework the internal database and reimplement offline data syncing

  • flutter
  • dart

Reading Scripture like Code

How might we take some of the tools of an IDE and apply them to scripture?

  • design
  • develop
  • prototype

North Evington Free Church: Real Time Language Translation for Services

What technology could we implement to help non-english speakers understand a Sunday service in real-time?

  • development
  • tts
  • platform integration


Help make the back-of-house admin run smoothly in foodbanks

  • react
  • strapi v4
  • heroku
  • vercel

GEMeDOT: Visualising Ministry Impact

How can we display and visualise the on the ground impact a ministry is having?

  • design
  • ionic
  • firestore

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