Kingdom Code BUILD 2018

19 – 20 October 2018

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Bible Society Stewardship

BUILD, Kingdom Code’s annual hackathon is back for 2018. In October, join Christian technologists from across the UK and beyond to kick start projects and share ideas that integrate your Christian faith and your technical skill set.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, project manager, branding/marketing expert, ideator or something else entirely different, you’ll enjoy taking a weekend to meet and work with others who share your desire to see God glorified through technology.


St. John's, Hoxton
Pitfield St,
London N1 6NP

Build at St. John's, Hoxton


Bible Society

How can digital tools help increase appetite for and engagement with the Bible in the 21st century?

In the UK, it’s pretty easy to get your hands on a Bible — there are no accessibility problems unlike some places in the world. But many of us don’t know where to start with it or how to build reading and devotional time into our busy lives. And yet the Bible has so much to give. In a time when digital devices play a huge role in our lives, how can we leverage the skills we have as developers, designers and creatives to help people experience the power of the Bible? What could we build to help increase engagement with the Bible and a real appetite for scripture?

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Bible Society

How can we use technology to inspire and enable greater generosity in the Christian community?

As Christians, we have generosity in our DNA. We get it from our heavenly Father, who generously gave us His Son. When we live out that DNA we bless others and resource God’s Kingdom. Love in action displays our God to a sceptical world in a disarming way. At Stewardship we have big ambitions to use technology to create a step change in Christian giving into the future and we’re asking these questions… How can we make it easier for people to give to causes that really matter? How can we harness social platforms and new payment methods? How do we build community around giving, connecting those who give to those who receive?

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Kingdom Code BUILD

19 – 20 October 2018

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